First Baptist Church -- in the mts of Brigham City
First Baptist Church of Brigham City

Exalting Christ in Northern Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What denomination are you?
A: We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.  The church is also part of the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention at the state level, and the  Golden Spike Baptist Association at the local level.

Q: What am I to expect if I come to your church?  What should I wear?
A: Being a small church, we aren't as formal as some churches.  You will be warmly welcomed and will make sure you're at home, whether you come alone or bring your family.  If you have children, we have a nursery and children's program during Sunday School and Worship Service.  As far as what to wear -- some come in shirt-and-tie, casual dress, jeans -- all are welcome.  Please -- come as you are.  See the About page for more information.

Q: Do you have an outreach for the Mormon population in Brigham City?
A: Brigham City, of course, was founded originally by settlers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -- known as LDS.  Their presence is still a very strong cultural influence in the city and area.  Part of our ministry is Christian ministry to those in need, no matter their background or religious beliefs, and whether we agree doctrinally or not.  We believe Christ would do the same, without compromising what we believe but being a witness proclaiming the Good News and ministering to each person in a unique, God-loving manner.

Q: How does one become a Christian?
A: You're not here by accident. God loves you. He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus, His Son. There is just one thing that separates you from God.....  Go here to find out more:  How to Become A ChristianWe would like to help you connect with a church in your home community, whether it be this church or another one. You will always be warmly  welcome to our fellowship at First Baptist Church.

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